STILL on SALE 2.99 Sherry Carroll’s Outrageous, Fun, Sexy, R&R Memoir “Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales”

Published September 23, 2014 by Sherry Carroll

Unlike many Rock and Roll memoirs, Even  Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales: The Flight of the Sherry Fairy doesn’t start with specific ambitions that involve groupies, fame and drugs. Or Eric Burdon

sherry carroll 

The fun, sexy, and outrageous Sherry Carroll, begins by telling us how she once “bought a ticket to ride on the ‘American Dream’, however is willing to admit (pretty quickly) that it doesn’t quite work for her. After all, she can’t hide behind “owl-­‐like school teacher glasses” much longer when there are tight, sparkling clothes to wear. She dreams of a life filled with Rock and Roll, men, shenanigans, and perhaps even a little bedazzling.


Sure, Sherry has her fair share of men to tell stories about, but the most interesting is Eric( Burdon, former lead singer of The Animals and still living legend) He’s a character that, much like Sherry, is colorful and entertaining. While transcending the average healthy, functional relationship Sherry and Eric have some good times and some Oscar-­‐worthy verbal exchanges that are as unforgettable as her box of “useless crap” in the attic.

This woman is ballsy, and takes no-­‐prisoners when it comes to love and life.


Sherry Fairy’s dreams have the unique ability to carry her to places that the average person wouldn’t imagine—living vicariously through her life of mayhem, music, and madness is completely energizing and fun. It seems that the music, wind, and passion carry her to places that birth terrific stories for a memoir. 

And in this biographical account, you won’t have to “just wonder” about the things that happen when a big-­‐time rock star and a small town girl meet.

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Leaving you with the idea that dreams, no matter how ridiculous, are worth pursuing—because they just might lead to some mesmerizing music, interesting men, and hot adventures.

Sherry is ridiculously fun, smart, and sassy. Her memoir, overall, is funny, fast-­‐paced and episodic.” The Penn Press





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