Facebook funnyin again

Published March 16, 2015 by Sherry Carroll

FACEBOOK IS DELETING ALL INACTIVE MEMBERS . if you want to keep seeing us PLEASE like share or comment At Eric Burdon knows Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales . We ( Joy and I) post Book news, Rock News, Blog news Eric Burdon and the Animals info, his latest news and escapades as well as mine. We also post other artists info that interest us and hopefully Eric’s fans and all rock and rollers and music fans and of course, General Tom Foolery ( lovely chap ) will always be here. So Welcome! Come on in, make yourself at home scroll down and have a look around. There are tons of fantastic posts about amazing artists from the recent and not so recent past. The sixties may be gone and we live in a harder, colder, crueler world but when you come HERE you take a magic carpet ride on a sweet little trip and you slip in the Way back Machine and find Peace, Love, Joy( lots of The lovely Joy to the world, my other admin), Good People , Good Times, Sweet Sweet Music and Memories. So far out its In! Be There or Be Square Baby LOL Thanks for stopping by, Sherry


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