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Facebook funnyin again

Published March 16, 2015 by Sherry Carroll

FACEBOOK IS DELETING ALL INACTIVE MEMBERS . if you want to keep seeing us PLEASE like share or comment At Eric Burdon knows Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales . We ( Joy and I) post Book news, Rock News, Blog news Eric Burdon and the Animals info, his latest news and escapades as well as mine. We also post other artists info that interest us and hopefully Eric’s fans and all rock and rollers and music fans and of course, General Tom Foolery ( lovely chap ) will always be here. So Welcome! Come on in, make yourself at home scroll down and have a look around. There are tons of fantastic posts about amazing artists from the recent and not so recent past. The sixties may be gone and we live in a harder, colder, crueler world but when you come HERE you take a magic carpet ride on a sweet little trip and you slip in the Way back Machine and find Peace, Love, Joy( lots of The lovely Joy to the world, my other admin), Good People , Good Times, Sweet Sweet Music and Memories. So far out its In! Be There or Be Square Baby LOL Thanks for stopping by, Sherry


You are never to old for Rock and Roll Fairy Tales

Published October 4, 2014 by Sherry Carroll

Scrawny, high school neighborhood misfit Sherry was not glamorous groupie material, just a naive small-town girl who never dreamed hanging around the stage door at rock concerts would get her anything but the occasional autograph. But the stars that came to town had a very different opinion of her wild red curls, sprinkling of freckles, electric energy, and one-hundred-pound dancer’s body that boys never seemed to notice. Backstage, she became the Shiny, Happy Sherry Fairy, a teen queen on the inside of the hotel and dressing room door with a wild side, a wicked wit, and a way with words that flew with the biggest boys in rock and roll–none bigger than Eric Burdon, former front-man of the seminal classic rock British invasion band The Animals, a sexy, charismatic English singer twice her age. Long after she had traded the rock and roll road to ruin for responsibility, respectability, and a real life, and forgot all about music and the men who made it, she still had trouble forgetting about him. After 20 years of trying and failing to resist his considerable charms, she decides to go on the road trip of her life and risk it all to find out just how much, if any of it he really meant.



And waste perfectly good wine? lol Never!

Published September 27, 2014 by Sherry Carroll

” What a well-written gritty story of backstage Rock and Roll life. But more importantly it is the story of a ballsy woman that navigated her way through it. A no holds barred story of backstage barbarism as well as great kindness. ” 

Joe Smart on Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales by Sherry Carroll http://wp.me/p55enu-3V


 A Riveting book that gives you a wild, raucous, insider’s look at ROCK ‘N ROLL from days of yore! A Fascinating and fun read. The story meanders through a haze of backstage, hotel, and on-the-road scenes, as viewed through the eyes of an (originally) wide-eyed teenager, who eventually becomes wise beyond her years. Trippy, entertaining, and at many points sweetly erotic.  I’d like to see more from this writer. The story rings so true that the teenaged narrator HAD to have been there and (pun intended) done that!”

  Ellen Crouse



Fairy tales change as you get older . Right Eric? lol #ericburdon

Published September 25, 2014 by Sherry Carroll



“From one Rock n Roll Princess to another – mission accomplished. I loved it. I stayed up all night reading it – I really couldn’t put down the Kindle! I was one of those women who watched “Almost Famous” and laughed at how accurate it really was. I was in the middle of it all – in my years in Rock Radio – and I really connected with how Sherry presented her experiences in “Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales”. Everything Sherry said about groupies, back stage environment – and the changes that have gone on – is really true! Sometimes for the worse.  Sherry’s experiences were fun, crazy, and wild – and that is reflected in her writing. Many writers have such a poor way of describing these types of events- the excesses and the chaos – and Sherry nailed it. Everything morphs into a new “normal” – and she chose to join the World of The Rock and Roll Circus. Congrats Sherry – Eric should be proud! I can’t wait for the next volume!”   Laurie Loomis



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